[UPDATE: Good News]Ukiah Teen Missing for Four Days; Known to Frequent Ukiah and Redwood Valley

[Photograph provided by Diego’s Family]

Diego Ceja Sandoval, a 14-year-old, Latino male, has not been seen by his family since the evening of Sunday, December 29th. According to his family, “he’s 5 feet and 90-95 pounds” and left the house wearing camouflage True Religion pants, a black Nike sweater, and white Nike Air Force 1 basketball shoes. The family believes Diego ran away and is with friends in Ukiah or Redwood Valley.

On Sunday evening, Diego went to bed giving no indication of his plans to run away. His sister described how he was “acting like himself.” When his father left for work early the next morning he mistook pillows Diego had arranged as his sleeping son. Later that morning, his sister checked in on Diego and discovered he was nowhere to be found.

Diego’s family believes “he snuck off in the in the middle of the night” and most likely “somebody picked him up and gave him a ride.” He left with two backpacks full of clothes and is thought to be “staying with a friend who doesn’t want to say anything”. Diego’s sister said, “it was like he had it all planned out.”

Social media activity indicates that Diego is aware his family is looking for him. His sister described how “he has Snapchat and Instagram”. Though he has not made any recent posts, “I know he’s been active on them. We have family members who are friends with him. They have messaged him and he’s opened but not messaged back.”

Diego is known to keep company with friends in Redwood Valley. He is also known to frequent locations in Ukiah including Low Gap Park, Todd Grove Park, and the Alex Thomas Plaza.

Diego’s family has contacted the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. According to the family, MCSO forwarded Diego’s circumstances and picture to nearby law enforcement. Cold Case Mendocino sought comment from MCSO but has yet to be provided any information.

[Photograph provided by Diego’s Family]

Diego’s family wants their son to know that “we want you to come home and know that you’re okay.” They ask if anyone knows of Diego’s whereabouts to reach out to the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department at (707) 463-4411 or to his parents (707) 621-3132 and (707) 621-3133. Other reporting options include contacting Cold Case Mendocino at coldcasemendocino@gmail.com, message via Facebook, or call in a tip at (707) 560-1543.

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UPDATE: 6:00 PM 1/5/2020


It was confirmed this evening that Diego was found and is back at home. His family says “Someone say him and called my dad so we went and he was where they said he was seen.”

Adolescente Desaparecido por Cuatro Días; Se sabe qué frecuenta Ukiah y Redwood Valley

Spanish Translation Provided by Beatriz Ortiz

Diego Ceja Sandoval, de 14 años, Latino masculino, la última vez qué su familia lo vío fúe la noche del Domingo, 29 de Díciembre 2019. De acuerdo a su familia “él míde 5′ de estátura y 90-95 libras” y se fúe de la casa portando un pantalon marca True Religion con diseño de camoflaje, una sudadera negra marca Nike, y zapatos de baloncesto bláncos marca Nike Air Force 1.” La familia piensa qué Diego huyó de su casa y se encuentra con amigos en Ukiah o Redwood Valley.

La noche del Domingo, Diego se fúe a dormir sin ninguna indicacion de qué quísiera húir de casa. Si hermana descríbe qué él “actuo como él mismo.” Cuando su papá se fúe a trabajar temprano por la mañana, confundío unas almohadas qué Diego dejó sobre si cama como si fuera su hijo, pensando qué estaba dormido. Más tarde por la mañana su hermana fue haber de Diego y descubrío qué no estaba por ningun lugar.

La familia de Diego cree “qué él se escapo a medía noche,” y qué probablemente “alguien fúe por él y se lo llevo en carro.” Él se fúe con dos mochilas llenas de ropa y piensan “qué se esta quedando con un amigo qué no quiere decir nada.” La hermana de Diego dice “parese qué ya lo tenía todo planiado.”

Actividad sobre las redes sociales indícan qué Diego sabe qué su familia lo esta buscando. Su hermana descríbe, “él tíene Snapchat y Instagram.” Aunqué él no a hecho publicacíones recíentes “Yo se qué él esta activo en ellas. Tenemos familiares qué son sus amigos. Le han mandado mensajes qué él abré pero no contesta.”

Se sabe qué Diego tíene amistades en Redwood Valley. Tambíen se sabe qué frecuenta Ukiah incluso a los parques de Low Gap y Todd Grove y a la Plaza de Alex Thomas.

La familia de Diego a contactado a la oficina de Alguacíl del Condado de Mendocino. Conforme la oficina del Alguacíl ellos pasaron la informacíon de Diego a las aútoridades correspondientes. Cold Case Mendocino busco algun comentarío de la oficina del Alguacíl sin alguna corespondencía.

Su familia de Diego quieren qué él sepa “quéremos qué regreses a casa y saber qué estas bien.” Piden qué si alguien save del paradero de Diego o alguna otra informacíon qué se communique a la oficina del Alguacíl del Condado de Mendocino Al (707) 463-4411 o a sus padres (707) 621-3132, (707) 621-3133. Otrá forma de reportar alguna informacíon es atravez de Cold Case Mendocino a su correo electronico coldcasemendocino@gmail.com, vía Facebook, o Al (707) 560-1543.

Cold Case Mendocino trabaja arduamente para relatar las historias de Los desaparecidos o asesinados. Si aprecian nuestro trabajo concideren hacer una donácion, gracias.

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  1. Saw a kid fitting this description and wearing true religions/white nikes walking by the north McDonald’s in ukiah yesterday or the day before. Not sure it was him but could have been


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