[UPDATE: Good News]15-Year-Old Girl Missing out of Ukiah; Mother Files Missing Person’s Report

Marie Blake [Photograph provided by Kimberly Schaal, Marie’s mother]

Marie Blake, a 15-year-old Ukiah girl, was last seen by her mother Kimberly Schaal at their Redwood Valley home on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. “Marie told me she was coming home to stay after being gone for a week or so. She came back with a couple of friends and that night they jumped out the window and I haven’t seen her since.”  After “being on the fence about what to do”, Kimberly contacted Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office on the evening of Friday, January 17th and filed a missing person report.

After posting about her daughter’s missing status on Facebook, Marie actually responded to her mother’s post: “i’m literally fine. my mom knows where i am she just wants to embarrass me.” Marie then called her mother from a blocked number “wanting me to know she’s safe, that she doesn’t want to live with me.”

Minutes later MCSO contacted Kimberly reporting Marie “had called them from a blocked number and told them she was fine and she was coming home.” Kimberly was concerned that “since she called” MCSO would no longer consider her missing. The deputy assured Kimberly,  that the search will continue until MCSO physically knows she is okay.

According to Kimberly, MCSO is actively working the case and has been in contact with her consistently regarding their investigation. Cold Case Mendocino has reached out to MCSO regarding their investigation of the teen runaway both emailing and leaving a voicemail with the Public Information Officer.

Kimberly believes that Marie could be with “two other girls and her 18-year-old boyfriend”. She has information that suggests Marie could have traveled to Santa Rosa and the Bay Area. Kimberly also has reason to believe that there are some adults in the community “currently enabling her by providing her with a car and a phone”. There is a possibility that she is driving around in a white, 4-door, Mercedes sedan that Kimberly describes as an “older model”.

Kimberly recounts a difficult year for her daughter Marie: “she was a cheerleader and always well-behaved. She was a good student and then got mixed in with the wrong crowd. She has been ditching school, her grades have dropped, and she’s hanging out with people known to use and deal drugs.” 

Kimberly offered a message directly to her daughter Marie: “I really want Marie to know if she does see this article if she really doesn’t want to return to my home, we need to make a plan so she is in a home with a safe adult. I have been reaching out and I have several options for her for a safe place to be if she truly doesn’t want to come home. I’m willing to be flexible to help get you on the right track again.”

Marie Blake is 5’ 4’’, 110lbs. She has blond hair that grows passed her shoulders. She often wears skinny jeans/leggings Vans or Nike Air Force Ones. She is known to frequent Ukiah’s Oak Manor neighborhood, 

Marie Blake [Photograph provided by Kimberly Schaal, Marie’s mother]

Anyone who knows of Marie’s whereabouts is encouraged to come forward. Contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at (707)463-4411 if you have any information. Other reporting options include contacting Cold Case Mendocino at coldcasemendocino@gmail.com, message via Facebook, or call in a tip at (707) 560-1543.

Cold Case Mendocino works hard to tell the story of the missing and murdered. If you appreciate our efforts, please consider donating.

UPDATE: 1/18/2020 11:15 PM


Marie’s mother Kimberly Schaal contacted Cold Case Mendocino and informed us that Marie has been located and is home. She was appreciative of CCM and our followers for helping spread the word.

One thought on “[UPDATE: Good News]15-Year-Old Girl Missing out of Ukiah; Mother Files Missing Person’s Report

  1. Marie, My prayer is that you realize you are only young once so take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy your youth and not choose adulthood and responsibility. In addition, in this life you only get one mom and one day she won’t be here to worry about you. I know I’ve lost both of my parents and would give anything for just one more day. So go home talk to it out because this to shall pass. But regret last forever. Prayers going out to the both of you.


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