[Update: Found Safe] Rohnert Park Man Goes Missing While Experiencing “Mental Breakdown”

AJ Jones wearing the same hat he wore the day he went missing. [All Photographs provided by AJ’s partner, Stephanie Garcia]

AJ Jones, a 23-year-old Rohnert Park resident, has been missing since Saturday, February 15, 2020. AJ left his residence “on foot”, according to his partner Stephanie Garcia, with “no phone and no money” while in the throes of depression.

On Saturday morning, Stephanie awoke to overhear AJ “arguing on the phone with a friend”. Stephanie fell back asleep and “when I woke up he had left and told the kids he was going for a walk to clear his head”. Stephanie is gravely concerned about the circumstances of AJ’s disappearance, “AJ needed help and nobody saw it but me. He was supposed to start therapy soon and a new job.”

Stephanie Garcia has spent this week canvassing Rohnert Park and handing out flyers finding “nobody has seen AJ at all”. She speculated on potential locations that AJ could be headed: “either back to Sacramento or towards Oregon.” When Cold Case Mendocino created an initial posting about AJ’s disappearance, two Ukiah residents commented that they had seen AJ in the city limits but those sightings remain unconfirmed.

Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety’s Detective Sergeant Keith Astley described the investigatory steps taken thus far to locate AJ including “sending a TRAK flyer to all Northern California police agencies with AJ’s picture and the circumstances of his disappearance.” He also mentioned specifically contacting the Ukiah Police Department because of the previously addressed unconfirmed sightings.

A complication of the investigation is AJ’s lack of a cell phone. Detective Sergeant Astley explained that without a cellphone, “there was no GPS signal to track AJ’s movements.”

Detective Sergeant Astley explained the department’s concerns for AJ. He said, “the person who reported AJ missing informed us that AJ had been depressed and been expressing suicidal thoughts, which leads to the urgency for the search.”

When considering the next steps in the investigation of AJ’s disappearance, Detective Sergeant Astley explained detectives were attempting “to determine if AJ uses credit cards. We could use that information to get a search warrant to see if it’s being used. If we don’t have credit cards, maybe he has food stamps and we can track his movement through purchases on that card.”

As of this evening, Stephanie Garcia reported that Rohnert Park Police Department detectives have begun to canvas her local neighborhood. “They came by and knocked on all my neighbor’s doors and asked questions. The detectives made a visit to the home AJ and Stephanie share and “asked questions about AJ, went through my phone and took AJ’s phone. They searched where AJ and I slept too.”

AJ’s partner Stephanie Garcia describes how “AJ is known by Adrian Xander Jones. He is a trans-male” whose “driver’s license still has not been changed so it says Alyssa Jones.” AJ is 5’8’’, 132 pounds, brown hair, and “bright blue eyes”. Other distinguishing features include a tattoo of musical notes on his left hand and a pattern of wearing two silver bands as rings. AJ was last seen wearing “a black sweater, blue ripped jeans, black and brown shoes, and his green/orange camouflage hat with a ‘Sunburst’ logo on it.”

If there is a sighting of AJ, Detective Sergeant Astley asks the public to “contact the local police agency” where the sighting occurred. If AJ is seen in Rohnert Park, contact the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety at (707) 584-2630.

UPDATE: 2/22/2020, 12:45 PM


According to AJ Jones’s partner Stephanie Garcia, AJ has been located in Napa County. On Sunday, February 15, 2020, AJ hitchhiked to Napa Valley, got out of the vehicle, and proceeded on foot to the town of Sonoma. AJ is now with family.

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