[UPDATE: Located] McKinleyville Teen Runs Away Saturday Night

[Photographs of Alicia Launius provided by her mother, Meredith Schatz]

Alicia Launius, a 15-year-old girl from McKinleyville, left her home on foot Saturday night and never returned, according to her mother Meredith Schatz. Schatz described contacting Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office immediately, deputies patrolling the area her daughter is known to frequent, and not finding anything that evening.

On Saturday, Schatz said her daughter had been caught with a “burner phone” which she confiscated. That phone allowed Alicia access to the social media that her mother prohibited her from using. Alicia’s ill-will about the phone confiscation seemed to fade, the family went on a fishing trip, but upon return, Alicia began to “pack a bag”. Schatz inquired about her daughter’s plans, made it clear her daughter was not going anywhere, and Alicia then proceeded to leave the home on foot leaving phone and wallet behind.

Schatz’s boyfriend followed Alicia to the intersection of Killdeer Road and Mckinleyville Avenue. About 20 minutes after losing sight of Alicia, a resident of McKinleyville witnessed Alicia “pop out of the woods on Silverado Street and book it up Barnett towards the airport”.

After combing through the content of the burner phone, Schatz is concerned that her daughter might be meeting up with a male older than 18 years of age with a vehicle. Alicia’s close friends have been contacted and claim to have no knowledge of her current whereabouts, said Swartz. 

Today, Schatz plans on contacting HCSO to get an update on their search for her daughter and walking around McKinleyville on foot searching for any signs of her daughter. We reached out to HCSO and have not received a response as of the time of this publication. 

Alicia Launius is 5’3’’ and weighs 130 lbs. She has brown hair and eyes and was last seen wearing black workout leggings with mesh strip down the outside of the leg, Tan UGG Style boots, and a black hoodie with red script, possibly a McKinleyville High School logo.

Anyone who knows of Alicia’s whereabouts is encouraged to come forward. Contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 if you have any information.

4/19/2020 1:30 pm


According to Alicia’s mother Meredith Schatz, she was staying at a home overnight and after an adult in that home read about her disappearance, she reported her to law-enforcement

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