[UPDATE: 5/22/20 3:30pm] Fortuna Teenager Ran-Away Over Two Weeks Ago; Mother and Law Enforcement Concerned for Her Safety

[All pictures of Alianna Gordon were provided by Stevanie Smith, Alianna’s mother]

Alianna Gordon, a 17-year-old girl from Fortuna, California, told her grandmother that she was going to take a nap on May 1 but,  later that day, her grandmother discovered she had run away from their Whitethorn home. Alianna, who also goes by “Anna”, was seen in the afternoon of April 30 by her aunt near Whitethorn Junction. She told her aunt she was going to go swimming. Based on this information, Stevanie Smith, her mother, described spending “all night looking in the waterways” and contacted the Fortuna Police Department on May 2 after not finding any signs of her daughter.

After Alianna ran away, Smith discovered that her daughter had stolen her grandmother’s credit card. Reviewing the credit card purchases, Smith described approximately $1,000 in charges and the items being sent to an address in Warner Robins, Georgia. Smith was told by her daughter’s friend that Alianna had been communicating with a man from Georgia and based on that information, Smith contacted the Warner Robins Police Department and Air Force Base. After contacting these agencies, Alianna’s friend told Smith that the man had stopped picking up Alianna’s phone calls. Smith assumes that “the Warner Robins Police showed up at his house [and] informed him she was a minor.”

Smith has received several tips regarding her daughter’s movements over the weeks she’s been missing. She was told that Alianna was “staying with a friend in Fortuna.” Smith described sending “the Fortuna Police Department over to the friend’s house and missing Alianna by 15-20 minutes.”

After posting on the Facebook group “Hey Garberville. What’s Going on” regarding her daughter’s disappearance, Smith was told of a sighting of her at the Shop Smart convenience store on May 9. Smith was told Alianna was accompanied by a male named “Louis.” Smith said Humboldt County Sheriff deputies investigated this sighting but did not come up with anything conclusive. 

Another person contacted Smith and told her that in early May, “a girl came walking up to my driveway and asked me if I could give her a ride to her house in Rio Dell.” Inquiring as to why the young woman had approached her Redway home, Alianna said she had “gone to a party the night before and just wanted to go home and no one would help her.” The good samaritan was unable to give Alianna a ride to Rio Dell but wished Smith luck in locating her daughter.

Fortuna Police Department Lieutenant Matt Eberhardt characterized Alianna as a “voluntary missing person” who is “actively trying not to be found.” Lt. Eberhardtsaid, “Indications are that she is attempting to avoid contact with the family.” Upon receiving the report on the missing juvenile, Eberhardt said FoPD officers broadcast her missing status to all Humboldt County agencies and she has been entered into the missing person database.

Lt. Eberhardt said Alianna has connections with friends all throughout Humboldt County including Whitethorn, Rio Dell, Willow Creek, and Fortuna. He said investigators have “spoken with friends and tried to contact her.” 

The phone number associated with Alianna “is no longer active and Mom believes it might have been disconnected,” Lieutenant Eberhardt added. 

Alianna Gordon is 5’8’’ and weighs about 150 lbs. She has hazel eyes and brown hair, though her mother was told she “might have shaved her head.” Smith described her daughter as “mixed-race” being “black, Mexican, Thai, and Native American.” Alianna has reportedly been seen wearing green pants and one of her friends said she had seen her wearing a pair of True Religion jeans and a green jacket. 

Lieutenant Eberhardt asked for the public’s help in locating the missing Juvenile. “Her family and us just want to make sure she is safe and returns home,” he said. “If anybody has information on her whereabouts or information that may assist us in locating her, please contact the Fortuna Police Department at (707) 725-7550.”

UPDATE: 5/22/20 3:30pm

Alianna Gordon, the Fortuna 17-year-old who was missing for over two weeks, is now home, reports her mother Stevanie Smith. Smith said she got information that her daughter was with a male juvenile in Fortuna and Fortuna Police Department took her into custody at around 11:00 pm on Thursday, May 21.

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