Willits Man Missing Since Friday Leaving Behind Wallet, Keys, and Phone

Jim Whetstone, a 69-year-old Willits man, has been missing since Friday, October 9, 2020. His daughter Sophia Martinez said Whetstone “left his home about 9 am Friday while the rest of the family was asleep.” 

Martinez said her father’s disappearance is “totally out of character for him.” She added he left his phone, wallet, and key, and since Friday morning, the phone has not received any unknown phone calls or messages. 

On Friday morning, Martinez said, “everyone was asleep, but my grandma saw him standing at the window looking out as if he may have been waiting for someone.”

Addressing Whetstone’s mental state as of late, Martinez said he displayed “no signs of depression” and he “had plans to go to my brother’s kids as a birthday party on Saturday.  Martinez did state Whetstone has a registered firearm that is still locked in his safe giving family “no reason to believe it’s suicide.”

Martinez said her father is a long time Willits resident graduating from Willits High in 1969. He later worked as a welder up on Cobb Mountain, and then the family moved to Ukiah, opening up the Oak Factory Outlet.

Martinez said Whetstone is 5’10”, weighs approximately 200 lbs, has White/Gray hair, and blue eyes. She added he usually wears sweatpants and a colored pocket t-shirt, but “no one saw him that morning, so we don’t know.”

Martinez expressed deep concern for her father’s disappearance: “My dad is a wonderful man that has helped many people. We want him home so bad.”

Martinez said Whetstone’s disappearance has been reported to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. She described deputies doing a cursory search of the residence. As of the time of publication, MCSO has not returned our calls requesting comment. 

Anyone who knows of Whetstone’s whereabouts is encouraged to come forward. Contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at (707)463-4411 if you have any information. 

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